CU President Helps Students Move In

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—As students began returning to Cedarville University today, University President Bill Brown was one of the many volunteers helping to make the moving process a little easier. More than 3,100 students are arriving on campus today through Sunday during the University`s Getting Started Weekend. Students and parents can attend various orientation activities over the weekend, and they can also find help in unloading and moving in, thanks to faculty, staff, and returning student volunteers. Today Brown and his wife, Lynne, helped a group of female students move in. "I know from experience that moving a child to college is emotional and physically tiring. Sometimes it`s downright painful," Brown said. "We are one big family here, and helping to share the burden is what families do. We love to help each other." Melissa Clauson, a freshman from Calumet, Mich., was one of the students assisted by Brown. She found humor and appreciation in his help. She explained, "My dad commented that the faculty would probably help us move in, and he joked that the president might unload my things. I bet Dad that the president wouldn`t. I can`t believe Dad was right and I lost that bet!" Joking aside, Clauson was touched by Brown`s help. "I think it shows that he cares," she said. The University-provided moving assistance is one part of Getting Started Weekend that parents say impresses them most. Media interested in covering Getting Started Weekend should call the University media relations office at 937-766-7807. Details and times for Getting Started activities are available online at (click on "Getting Started Weekend" under "Upcoming Events"). -30-