Cedarville Choir for Hire

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—Twenty-one members of the Cedarville University Women`s Choir are willing to clean your house, run your errands, or watch your kids. It`s all part of their "Choir for Hire" fund-raising efforts toward an opportunity at New York City`s Carnegie Hall. Cedarville resident Beth Cram Porter, director of the choir, explained that the women have been invited to sing at Carnegie on March 27 under the direction of famed English composer/conductor John Rutter. To earn the $1,300 per person needed for the trip, the women are offering a variety of odd-job services — from pet care to organizing — for a donation. They ask that materials/tools for the job be provided as they "sing for their supper." The women`s choir was one of six choruses from around the nation selected to join in the 2 p.m. concert with the New England Symphonic Ensemble. For their portion of the program, the Cedarville group will perform Rutter`s Gloria and Te Deum. This is the second time that the women`s choir has been asked to participate in a Carnegie Hall performance. If interested in hiring the women`s choir for odd-job services, contact Jessica Glass at 937-766-8063 or jrglass@cedarville.edu. -30-