Cedarville Group Hears from Chinese Economic Authority While in China

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—While in China recently, a group of seven Cedarville University international business students had a unique opportunity to hear from a Chinese economic expert. On May 10, the students heard highly respected Dr. Zhenya Liu give a three-pronged presentation on Chinese economic issues. Liu elaborated on China`s transition from a planned economy to an open market economy. He also discussed China`s current economic reform strategy and other key economic issues. Dr. Franco Gandolfi, the CU associate professor of international business who accompanied the students, noted, "Professor Liu is undoubtedly an authority on the development of international financial policies and a key advisor of current policies. He is also a fine thinker and an outstanding academician. What an opportunity for CU students and myself to have been exposed to one of the world`s most influential thinkers on macroeconomic policies." Liu is a professor at both the People`s University in Beijing and Birmingham University in England. He has worked for the Asia Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and, at age 33, he became one of the youngest people to attain full professor ranking in China. He does consulting work for Microsoft China and Visa Card Asia. The opportunity for the Cedarville students to meet with Liu was made possible by Myron Youngman, a Cedarville alumnus and president of The Kaifa Group of China. The Cedarville students were in China for a three-week international business experience. -30-