Cedarville Students Educated in Chinese Culture and Economy

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—A group of Cedarville University students with an interest in international business spent three weeks in China this summer getting a firsthand look at business principles in action. During their tour they had the unique opportunity to hear from many high-profile speakers, including Reginald Chua, editor of "The Asian Wall Street Journal;" Randy Wilcox, president of Otis Elevator Company (South Asia Pacific Area); and Jaime FlorCruz, the Beijing bureau chief for Cable News Network (CNN). They also met with Dr. Zhenya Liu, a professor and international consultant. As editor of "The Asian Wall Street Journal," Chua shared about the newspaper`s coverage of the influence of technology upon business and society. Wilcox, a 1981 Cedarville University graduate, discussed what it is like leading a major company in the Far East (he is responsible for Otis` operations in 11 south Asian countries). FlorCruz described the processes of intercultural business exchange from an insider`s perspective, while Liu elaborated on China`s transition from a planned economy to an open market economy as well as China`s current economic reform strategy. Dr. Franco Gandolfi, Cedarville University (CU) Associate Professor of International Business, coordinated the trip, which was the first of its kind at CU. He said the goal was to provide a unique opportunity for Cedarville students to witness the economic unfolding of China. "The current development in China is unprecedented and defies theory — a communist country is opening its doors for economic development and modernization!" he explained. He added, "We were totally immersed in the culture, having been exposed to corporate, political, and social leaders in one of China`s most crucial moments in history — now." Junior Brian Sallee said the tour was very enlightening. "The people that we met and the intellectual level of the trip were amazing," he shared. "I think this experience will help me in the future because it has broadened my horizons and given me a better understanding of another culture." Gandolfi said another international business trip is possible in the near future, adding, "This millennium is seen by many as the millennium of Asia, and I believe Asia merits our attention and close study, particularly greater Asia as a whole." For more information about Cedarville University`s business programs, visit www.cedarville.edu/business. -30-