Cedarville University Announces Promotions and Tenure

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—Today Cedarville University announced promotions and/or the granting of tenure for 24 faculty members. The promotions and tenure will go into effect on August 16, 2005. Those receiving promotions are Dr. Irene Alyn, to distinguished professor of nursing; Dr. Daniel Estes, to distinguished professor of Bible; Dr. Jan Conway, to senior professor of nursing; Dr. John Silvius, to senior professor of biology; Dr. Ed Baumann, to professor of education; Dr. Bruce Curlette, to professor of music; Dr. David Rotman, to professor of management information systems; Dr. Scott Calhoun, to associate professor of English; Kathleen Freese, to associate professor of exercise and sport science; Dr. Clark Greer, to associate professor of communication arts; Dr. Cheryl Irish, to associate professor of education; Jim Kragel, to associate professor of communication arts; Kurt Moreland, to associate professor of communication arts; Dr. David Mappes, to associate professor of Bible; Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riano, to associate professor of political science; Dr. Kevin Roper, to associate professor of mathematics; Dr. Susan Warner, to associate professor of sociology; Shannah Hogue, to assistant professor of English; Suzanne LeFever, to assistant professor of nursing; and Rebecca Sietman, to assistant professor of communication arts. Tenure recipients were Calhoun, Dr. Sharon Christman (associate professor of nursing), Curlette, Greer, Irish, John LeBlanc (associate professor of management), Mappes, Moreno-Riano, Roper, Dr. David Sharp (associate professor of nursing), Dr. Kimberly Sharp (associate professor of nursing), Dr. Judi Shrubsole (associate professor of nursing), and Warner. Alyn, Kragel, Mappes, Moreno-Riano, Roper, Rotman, the Sharps, Shrubsole, and Silvius are Cedarville residents. Baumann, Calhoun, Curlette, Freese, Greer, Irish, Lefever, Moreland, Sietman, and Warner reside in Xenia. Conway and LeBlanc live in Springfield, while Christman and Estes reside in Columbus and Hogue lives in Galloway. -30-