Cedarville University Professor Shares Research and Goodwill in Asia

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—In his recent visit to Asia, Dr. Franco Gandolfi presented his management research at an international conference and shared goodwill and international business knowledge with two Taiwanese colleges. A Cedarville resident and associate professor of international business, Gandolfi began his tour with a visit to Shanghai, China, for the Fourth Asian Academy of Management Conference. At the December 16-18 conference, he presented his refereed paper "Downsizing Implementation Strategies: A Comparative Study of Australian and New Zealand Banks." Gandolfi`s research focused on the prevalence of workforce downsizing around the world (including Asia) and the scarcity of information concerning the implementation strategies used by downsized banks. He explained that his study was unique in that it was the first comparative cross-cultural study on the topic. Gandolfi`s findings revealed an unexpectedly divergent picture about the adopted strategies used by Australian and New Zealand banks. From December 20-22, Gandolfi visited Kun Shan University of Technology (KSUT), a prestigious private university of 18,000 students in Taiwan. There he met with the University`s senior officials, addressed the students twice, and held two lectures on "Current Developments in Organizational Change on an International Scale." On December 20, he visited Far East College in Taiwan and spoke on "Workforce Downsizing." "I feel so honored to have been invited to visit Taiwan and to meet with top officials of one of Taiwan`s finest universities," Gandolfi noted. "There is enormous potential for collaborations between U.S. and Taiwanese universities." -30-