Cedarville University Students Raise Thousands for Tsunami Relief

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—The tsunami disaster from last December is still taking a toll on the people of southeast Asia. In response, Cedarville University students recently concluded a tsunami relief effort designed to help those most in need. The $14,000 they raised will be sent to the Samaritan`s Purse Tsunami Relief Project. The relief effort was co-led by the University`s Student Government Association (SGA) and Advisory7 (Ad7). Ad7 consists of students chosen by the student body to help lead Cedarville University fellowship services. The two groups organized various projects throughout the semester, including: --Blue Jeans Day, in which they worked with the administration to allow students to wear blue jeans if they gave a donation that day --Messy Room Day, in which students were encouraged to not clean their rooms and receive a room fine for having a messy room. All the fine money that week was donated to the project. --Movie Night --Silent Auction --Special Offering Opportunities "The tsunami may very well be the worst natural disaster of our lifetimes," said Joelle Marquardt, an SGA officer and one of those who organized the fund-raising effort. "We felt it was important for us, as members of the global community and as representatives of Jesus Christ, to do what we could to help those who lost so much." -CEDARVILLE-