Cedarville University's Social Work Club Donates to Homeless Shelter

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio-Cedarville University`s social work club took action to help the homeless during November`s National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Members of the club went door-to-door in the University residence halls, asking their peers to donate change to help the homeless. The club will send a check this week for more than $650 to The Other Place, a day shelter for the homeless in Dayton. Christine Fulmer, assistant professor of social work and the advisor for the social work club, stated, "It is a joy to see these students focus on meeting the tangible needs of real people. It`s an honor to work with them." "I was absolutely amazed by the love and generosity of the student body towards the homeless," shared Jen Magin, president of Cedarville`s social work club. Jessica Procaccini, program director at The Other Place, said they are thrilled to receive the students` donation. "With each homeless person`s stay averaging 53 days and costing about $2300, Cedarville`s donation is greatly appreciated, " said Procaccini. For more information about The Other Place visit www.theotherplace.org or call 937-461-6078. -30-