University Students Give $74,000 for Hurricane Relief

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—In an emotional, student-led chapel service today, Cedarville University students donated approximately $74,000 toward Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. The donation was the largest single offering ever made in a University chapel service. Faculty and staff, who will have later opportunity to add to the fund, have already given $5,000, bringing the total to $79,000. Bob Rohm, vice president for Christian ministries, noted, "Frankly, we are overwhelmed by the response of our 3,100 students. We know our students to be generous and kind-hearted, but their actions today are overwhelming."

The funds are a huge boost to the University`s hurricane relief efforts, which call for $100,000 in donations and 250 student volunteers by the end of the academic year.

The funds will be given to direct-relief programs and University alumni affected by the hurricane and will also support the University`s sending of volunteers and supplies. Students who sign up as volunteers will help in relief efforts throughout the academic year, whether by loading supplies into trucks destined for the South or going to the hurricane zone to help during Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring Breaks.

Dr. Carl Ruby, vice president for student life, explained, "Groups are already forming to provide hands-on assistance during our upcoming Fall Break. We recognize that the needs in the South are long-term and that teams will be necessary, not only right now, but in the months and maybe years ahead. We are committed to a long-term response to this crisis." The University has formed a task team to deal specifically with Hurricane Katrina issues.

"We are a Christ-centered University, and we believe that following Christ requires that we sacrificially give our time, money, and energy to people in need," Ruby continued. "This is an excellent opportunity to practice what we preach and to teach our students the value of servant leadership."

Those interested in making a gift toward the $100,000 goal should call 937-766-7603 or visit Checks can be mailed to "Cedarville University, c/o Vice President for Christian Ministries, 251 N. Main St., Cedarville, OH 45314" and should be made out to Cedarville University and designated for the disaster relief fund. -30-