CU Staffer Writes Romance Novel

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

Cedarville, Ohio-New love, Sioux Indian folklore, and venomous snakebites each play a part in the newly released novel written by a Cedarville University staff member. "Dreamcatcher’s Face" by Vernon Yoder tells the story of the tumultuous courtship between characters Roy Curtis and Rebecca Davidson.

The book finds Roy, a successful middle-aged investment banker and rancher, still feeling the decade-old scars of the automobile accident that left him a widower. In a chance meeting at a museum exhibition, he is introduced to Rebecca, a divorced mother and university instructor. Both had given up on ever being capable of loving again, but through an old-fashioned courtship, they begin to chip away the invisible walls that conceal the pain they buried so long ago.

Yoder is a 1981 graduate of Cedarville University, and is employed as a technical coordinator with the Cedarville University production services department.