CU is Good Mining Ground for Caterpillar

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

Cedarville grads are in demand with Caterpillar, the leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment in the world. With 2005 sales and revenues of $36.34 billion, Caterpillar is looking to CU grads to continue the growth.

Cedarville alumni are already making contributions within the global company as transportation consultants, engineers, mining field representatives, regional managers, IT specialists, and cost analysts. More graduates may soon be joining them.

While recruiting on campus this fall, Caterpillar representatives interviewed 16 students, and 14 were called back for a second interview at the corporate headquarters in Illinois.

Lew Gibbs, director of career services, says that Cedarville students’ character and competence are the reason they are in demand. He noted, “Caterpillar recruiters have been on campus where they have had the opportunity to experience our culture and have concluded that a student who has been through this process is worth investing in.”