Celebrating Diversity

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

If today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, then the National Christian Multicultural Student Leadership Conference (NCMSLC) at Cedarville University provided hundreds of Christian young people with the training they need to lead effectively in a diverse culture.

Featuring three days of events (November 9-11), NCMSLC included speakers such as the Rev. Chris Williamson, Dr. Bill Brown, and the Rev. Soong-Chan Rah. A key theme of the conference was the emphasis on celebrating diversity instead of allowing it to divide.

Discussion topics during the event included the role of Christian students and institutions in cultural competency, the celebration of diversity on college campuses and in society, and how students can be agents of change. During the conference, students also visited Cincinnati’s National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and held a talent show. CU Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Derrick Green ’97 and CU Dean for Student Life Programs Jon Purple co-directed this year’s conference.

NCMSLC’s goal is to empower student leaders to embrace cultural diversity and sensitivity, while motivating them to model inclusive leadership that brings people together. First founded in 1986 at Messiah College, the conference provides the opportunity for administrators and advisors to brainstorm, exchange ideas, and receive practical feedback from students.