Corporate Downsizing Demystified

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

Dr. Franco Gandolfi says the overall picture is clear, yet sobering: downsizing is here to stay. In the Cedarville professor’s new book, Corporate Downsizing Demystified (ICFAI University Press), he clarifies the mysteries, misconceptions, and societal effects of this all-too-familiar business phenomenon.

Franco’s book reveals how the pursuit of increased organizational efficiencies, profitability, and competitiveness has produced major layoffs and redundancies. Consequently, Franco says, corporate downsizing has transformed entire economies and industries, changed hundreds of thousands of organizations, and profoundly affected the lives of millions of employees around the world. Franco also presents the current state of employment in the wake of further downsizing and examines the effectiveness and ethical aspects of this business choice.

Franco serves as an associate professor of international business at Cedarville University. He specializes in human resources management, change management, and international business and regularly advises corporations in Australia and Switzerland. Prior to coming to Cedarville, Franco spent four years as the dean of the faculty of business and law and as an associate professor of human resources management at Central Queensland University in Sydney, Australia.