Senior AT majors help local football programs

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

We have 8 seniors who are out in 4 local highschools..

2 in Xenia

2 in Springfield South

2 in Springfield North

2 in Springfield Shawnee

These students assist the Certified Athletic Trainer at each school with providing sports medicine services to the football teams..they have been at their school assignments since the first week of August when Two a day practices start..and are there every day for practice and attend all games...


One of our 2003 Grads (Wes Stephens) is now the Head AT at Shawnee  High School...he took the  job after the football season had already started and the AT who had started the season decided to switch jobs on very short actually helped to have our current students doing their internship there so that they could help Wes get up to speed more easily...

Wes is Finishing his Masters in Exercise Physiology at UD...he has  a little brother who is a freshman here now and he wanted to be in the area while his brother his here at CU...