Senior Jackets Exercise Group

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

For the last 3 years,  a group of community folks, ages 70 and up, have been exercising in our fitness center.  I began working back then with a couple of ladies from church, and gradually the group has expanded.  We call them "Senior Jackets"; it is an informal group rather than a structured class.  I meet with each person initially, and teach them how to use the exercise equipment, and help them structure a program.  They then do their workouts independently; I am there on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to assist, encourage, and answer questions.  Most come during the chapel hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, plus one or two other mornings.  Because it is a social outlet for many, this Fall we have added Marv Troyer in the role of  "encourager/facilitator"; he is a retired Pastor, and his presence has added an excellent dimension.  He often has post-exercise coffee for them, and they really seem to enjoy just chatting for awhile before or after working out.  I have some Exercise Science students who obtain a practicum in working with the older population.  This is a valuable service the University is offering our community, and I think it is worthy of being reported.  I personally look on it as a ministry to a very significant portion of our community; I also believe it provides an important learning opportunity for the University students who have been involved.   Since the 70+ group is the fastest growing population segment, our future Exercise Scientists need to know how to work with them.

I think this is worth letting the off-campus world know about.  Thanks.