Seoul Train

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

In recent headlines, North Korea has gained international scorn for its testing of a nuclear weapon. Seoul Train, a gripping documentary that highlights the dangers faced by Korean refugees attempting to escape oppression, was shown at Cedarville University on November 3 as part of the University’s Foreign Film Series.

Produced by Jim Butterworth, Seoul Train documents the plight of North Koreans attempting to escape the famine-ravaged country, where an estimated 2 million people have died from starvation in the past 10 years. According to Seoul Train, North Koreans hoping to escape are leaving their country at great risk, crossing the Yulu River into China. If caught in China, the refugees are sent back to their country and are often executed. It is for this reason that the refugees need the help of brave activists who move them along an “Underground Railroad” thousands of kilometers long to Mongolia or Southeast Asia where they can begin to seek asylum. Seoul Train interviews people central to the crisis, from U.S. Senator Sam Brownback to Chun Ki-Won, an activist/pastor who has been called “The Schindler of Asia.”

Alex Durbin ’09, a student who saw the movie, said, “Some of the most compelling moments of the film were the parts without words. Whether it was seeing film of North Korean children looking for spilled grain in muddy streets or the tears of activist Moon Kook-han recalling a failed attempt for asylum, one could understand the pressing need for something to be done for the people of North Korea.”

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