Sharing Their Knowledge with Aspiring Musicians

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

When award-winning Christian musicians Denver and the Mile High Orchestra (DMHO) came to campus in December, Cedarville University was blessed by a spectacular performance as well as private clinics led by two of the band’s musicians.

Hours before DMHO performed before a sold-out crowd, band members led clinics on “Jazz Improvisation” and “The Music Business.” During the improvisation clinic, saxophonist Chris Gregg gave tips and illustrations for smooth jazz sessions. He was joined by music director and trombonist Kenn Hughes, who went through the key points of beginning improvisation. “The Music Business” offered an overview of music careers and tips on how to break into the industry.

Cedarville University Professor of Music Mike DiCuirci coordinated the clinics. He says they were offered to enhance students’ education and training. “When successful musicians visit, it is always a rich experience to provide clinics where they can share with aspiring talent their knowledge and insight from a life on the road. Along with inspiration and tips, students see that maybe they also have the potential to do this type of thing and hear the various steps and pitfalls that these pros have gone through,” DiCuirci noted.

The clinics not only bless the participants but the performers as well. “This is a personal time,” explained Kenn. “It allows us to meet and establish relationships with the students and, along with that, share tools and insights they can use.” Gregg echoed Kenn’s sentiments, saying, “Artists are often put on a pedestal. Clinics allow us to let people know that we’re just like them. We like sharing here as much as in concert!”

This was the group’s second visit to Cedarville University. After hearing DMHO at another event, DiCuirci thought they would be a hit with the students and helped arrange their invitation. “As Providence would have it, last year there was a major snowstorm that grounded the campus so most students had nowhere else to go but to hear Denver,” DiCuirci recalled. “They loved it and thus the return visit for this year. The group really swings!”