Students Receive Ohio Space Grant Scholarships

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

The Ohio Space Grant Consortium (OSGC), composed of 16 major Ohio universities, is part of the congressionally funded National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program administered by NASA. The program’s primary emphasis is to encourage the study of math, science, and engineering and to provide those selected for scholarships with a research experience.

This year, Cedarville was allocated four of the state’s 51 undergraduate scholarships. Naomi Kenner ’06 and Emily Van Vliet ’06 each received $3,000 while Stacey Henness ’07 and Bethany Sibbitt ’07 each received $2,000 to conduct research projects. At the April 21 Ohio Space Grant Symposium in Cleveland, the juniors made poster presentations and the seniors presented formal papers to be published.

Naomi Kenner investigated bone cell behaviors (in particular, the signaling that results from various stimulants) with the hopes of gaining a better understanding of osteoporosis. She is a biology major from Thief River Falls, Minnesota.

Emily Van Vliet assisted in the development of a relatively new electrodynamic model of atomic particles and compared and contrasted its results with that of previous models. A Rochester, Minnesota resident, she is an electrical engineering major.

Stacey Henness is a biology/premed major from Troy, Ohio. Her research project involved the study of cell-to-cell signaling and how calcium is involved.

Bethany Sibbitt, a biology/premed major from Danbury, Connecticut, focused her research on bone growth promoters and retarders.

OSGC also initiated a special project to encourage math and science education majors in Ohio’s universities. Funds were allocated to provide a $1,250 scholarship to 18 students. Three Cedarville students captured these scholarships: math education majors Amanda Anzalone ’06 from Altamonte Springs, Florida; Sarah Leary ’06 from Danville, Illinois; and Jennifer Johnson ’06 from Rensselaer, New York.

The ladies attended a conference at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland to become familiar with the many NASA K-12 teaching resource materials. They also pursued projects using some of those materials and presented their projects at the annual OSGC Symposium in Cleveland on April 21.