Water Challenge Tests Survival Skills of College Campers

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

Cedarville, Ohio-How much water do you use every day? 50 gallons? 100? Or more? Recently, 10 Cedarville University students demonstrated just how difficult life could be on only four gallons of water per day.

Cedarville University’s student organization Women of Vision (WOV), a volunteer program of World Vision, has partnered with the University to “adopt a village” in Zambia. The Fisheni village is an isolated community that faces a lack of clean water, among other challenges. To raise awareness of this issue, 10 students lived in tents, using only four gallons of water per person every day, for four days (Oct. 9-12). As the final phase of a three-week awareness campaign, the Water Challenge Week culminated in an opportunity for students and the community to contribute financially to the Fisheni project.

Student participant Lindsay Malone said she hoped to get a better idea of what Fisheni natives go through every day. “We see so many videos and statistics of what goes on in Third World countries and African villages, but I don’t think we truly understand suffering,” she said. “I’m hoping this week’s demonstration will really impact the student body, to just make them more aware of how much water we waste every day here in the U.S.”

Those involved in the Water Challenge Week attended classes, but much of their time was spent at the makeshift camp, which was located lakeside between the Stevens Student Center and the Dixon Ministry Center. The demonstration ended with a prayer vigil, followed by an opportunity for financial donations.

WOV was established to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of impoverished women and children worldwide. As part of World Vision, the group is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide relief and support for victims of oppression.

Learn more about WOV or the Fisheni Village project, or call 937-766-7632.