Why Johnny Can’t Be Moral

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

On April 20, the Cedarville University Center for Political Studies held their second annual Roundtable, which was called “Why Johnny Can’t Be Moral: Education and Virtue in America’s Democracy.”

As Dr. Mark Smith, director of Cedarville’s Center for Political Studies, put it, “The second annual Cedarville Roundtable focused on one of society’s most difficult issues: How should we educate our children?” He pointed out that “we all expect a great deal from education, but are often dissatisfied with the results.”

The Roundtable’s focus on morality in education included presentations by:

• Monty Lobb (Assistant Ohio Secretary of State) discussing “Character: The Cornerstone of Healthy Democracy”
• Dr. Don Reed (Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Wittenberg University) discussing “Johnny See, Johnny Do: Reciprocal Interaction”
• Stephen Veltri (Professor of Law, Ohio Northern University) discussing “Moral Formation: The Courts and the Schools”
• Dr. Robert Yinger (Professor of Educational Studies and Teacher Education, University of Cincinnati), “Engaging Educators in the Democratic Formative Project”

The roundtable is the second in a series of symposia, lectures, and discussions meant to highlight issues relevant to the expression of an intentionally biblical worldview in the political arena.

Recordings of the Roundtable can be purchased at www.ThePath.fm or by calling 1-800-333-0601.