Wow....Influencial Student

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

You've got a student, Michael Gump-something, I think he's your former College Republicans president, who's become some sort of regular contributor caller for specialty interviews conducted on the Michael Reagan talk show (Ronald's son). I also saw his name on the corner of Dr. Brown's blog somewhere, and the SGA site last year, like he was the guy who set both up or something...? Unless I'm nuts I know I've seen his name around.

Well anyway, I love this show, and the show takes regular callers all day during the show, but for big interviews, the show does the first two hours live but tapes the third hour for the interview in advance and makes it sound like it's live when it's broadcasted the same day as the 3rd hour. You have to be on the producers 'favorite people' list to be contacted in advance and given a special # to call when the taped interviewing is done. I'm pretty sure this is how it's done for this show because I've done this sort of thing in days past for smaller local shows that don't broadcast nation wide like this one does.

I heard him on the show yesterday at the very end to talk to Reagan and a guy named Steven Emerson for almost 5 minutes, Emerson was being interviewed by Reagan (he's new york times best selller, fox contributer & congressional terrorism expert). I also remember hearing "Mike from Ohio" call in and speak with David Horowitz about conservative education on this same show sequence back in March.

Just a tip to watch this kid, he sounded like a complete genius and impressed both Emerson and Reagan with whatever point he made about terrorism (I can't remember what it was). It was in the last 10 minutes of the 3 hour show, I'm sure a clip could be found somewhere if you wanted it. Not sure if it's completely newsworthy, but geez, to me, the total presentation of this student seems to be the type of kid who is going to go conquer the world and make a name for himself, possibly taking the CU name along with him.

Thanks. -JW