CU Business Students Win SIFE Regionals

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

Taxes, cookies, and hotels. This unlikely combination helped Cedarville University’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) chapter win the regional SIFE tournament in the spring.

SIFE teams develop and carry out community service projects which cover real-world economic issues. At SIFE competitions, each team presents their year’s projects to a panel of business leaders. Cedarville’s winning finish was based in part by their work to create and run an elementary school business program, aid a local hotel with business practices, and organize tax seminars for college students.

The elementary school program, named “Ready, Sell, Dough,” helped Xenia (Ohio) fourth and fifth graders create a cookie company and learn how to finance and organize their business while manufacturing and marketing a product. “Ready, Sell, Dough” was so successful that Cedarville was able to sell the program rights to the University of Rio Grande (Ohio) for use as an after-school program. This program is also used by Cedarville SIFE students to train emerging entrepreneurs in the Ukraine.

The Hearthstone Inn in Cedarville was also a recipient of the SIFE team’s help. Five SIFE members worked with the owners in writing a training manual, job application, job descriptions, and procedures for the business.

The SIFE team also partnered with CU’s Accounting Society to host Tax Day on March 24 and 25. Charles Hartman, associate professor of business law and accounting, led the seminars as a tax specialist.

One team member shared, “The Cedarville SIFE organization provides students with invaluable opportunities that enable them to get involved with service and leadership firsthand.”

The team is advised by Jeff Guernsey, assistant professor of finance, and John LeBlanc, associate professor of management.

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