CU Entrepreneurs Get a Head Start

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

Cedarville, Ohio-Bill Gates. Michael Dell. Larry Page. Sergey Brin. What could all of these wealthy business giants possibly have in common with Cedarville University student entrepreneurs? All have started businesses while they were college students.

The newest Cedarville student-organized business is Elytus Ltd., a company specializing in software for the solid waste industry. While Elytus may not be the next Microsoft, founders say the solid waste/garbage industry stands to benefit from the company.

“Elytus is a company that seeks to come alongside and assist the solid waste industry in expanding and growing their business,” VP of Solutions Realization Matt Hollis explained.

Elytus accomplishes this through their CMS (Contract Management System), which allows clients to process monthly invoices for their customers with just the click of a couple buttons. “Throughout the month, the system keeps track of the terms of the contract between the solid waste company and their customers, including the management of exceptions made by the solid waste company’s client,” said Hollis. The information is then accessed via a secure Web-based platform, making it more accessible and easy to use. According to Hollis, this product has the ability to fit the specific needs of every company in the solid waste industry. The company has plans to refine and expand their product as well as to grow their customer base from coast to coast.

Hollis, a junior mechanical engineering major, joined with two other students to form the company: Chief Operating Officer Nathaniel Sowder (junior marketing major) and Vice President of Product Advancement Chris Vande Lune (senior marketing major).

For more information about Elytus, contact Cedarville University’s Public Relations Office at 937-766-4159.