CU Students Study the Celtic Tiger

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

Cedarville, Ohio—Two hours after graduation, seven Cedarville University students and their professor headed to Dublin, Ireland, for a 23-day study of the Irish economic boom and phenomenon known as the “Celtic Tiger.”
“The ‘Celtic Tiger’ emerged in Ireland in the mid-1990s and ended in 2001 only to remerge in 2003,” explained management and marketing senior Thomas Woltman. “The economic boom has transformed Ireland from one of Europe’s poorest nations to one of its wealthiest.”

During the study tour, Cedarville’s Dr. Franco Gandolfi (associate professor of international business) used his connections with the Dublin Business School to provide a first hand, in-depth experience for his business students. Morning lectures were supplemented by afternoon governmental visits and stops at Google’s EU headquarters, the U.S. Embassy, Enterprise Ireland, and the Industrial Development Agency (IDA).

Other highlights of the trip included a visit to the Irish Bible Institute, where students learned about the spiritual and social ramifications of rapid economic development on Irish life. Students also reviewed Irish church history and the contemporary church’s relevance to the life of the ordinary person living in Ireland.