Cedarville Engineering Team wins HCJB Radio Competition

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

My wife and I are financial supporters of HCJB Radio with HQ in Colorado Springs where we attend church.  Several years ago while touring HQ we were shown their new solar powered hand radio that they use in their worldwide ministry, especially in remote areas without electricity.  Since our two children are Cedarville graduates, we were very pleasantly pleased and surprised to hear that Cedarville University Engineering had won the competition to design this radio...as several schools were in competition for the winning design.  This Christmas Joshua Radcliffe was a visitor in our home and we were again surprised to hear that he was leader of the 3-man engineering team that designed this radio.  Another Cedarville team designed the outer casing and overall product design.  I think this is very significant and should be the feature of a magazine article.  Cedarville's engineering dept. is an excellent one with their teams winning many competitions and challenges.   I am VP Sales & Marketing at Advanced Circuits, and we are honored to supply some of the printed circuit boards used by Cedarville students.    These radios are being used all over the world to reach the "unreachable" with the gospel message and I think Cedarville should announce and detail this accomplishment.  I have excellent photos I can send to be included with the article.  My wife and I also just recently endowed a Cedarville Scholarship and we are a voice for Cedarville out here in the "wild west."  Our address:  9916 S. Ramshead Ct., Highlands Ranch, CO  80130.  Ph:  303-470-1870