Groundbreaking Held for the CBTS

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

Cedarville, Ohio-Cedarville University recently broke ground to begin construction on a Center for Biblical and Theological Studies.

Scheduled to open in August 2008, the 60,000-square-foot center will house the University’s department of biblical education and academic enrichment center, as well as classrooms and student collaboration rooms. The facility will overlook Cedar Lake in the center of campus.

“The building makes a huge statement about Cedarville University’s commitment to biblical studies both now and in the future,” said Dr. Bill Brown, University president.

The new facility will deliver much-needed space to a Bible department already pressed for room due to its volume of students. All 3,100 University students are required to earn a Bible minor, and the department currently offers nine academic programs to prepare students for ministry.

The center will contain what Dr. Tom Hutchison, interim chair of the department of biblical education, calls a “ministry training complex.” This versatile room mimics a church auditorium or youth center, complete with moveable seating, staging, and media/sound technology.

The building will also house Bible faculty offices, a 40-station computer laboratory, student collaboration rooms, and 11 classrooms, including a technology-enabled 180-seat lecture hall. One unique area will celebrate the history, impact, and development of the Bible, including displays of the forms the Scriptures have taken through the ages, from the tablets of stone through the age of print to the E-Bibles of today.

Cedarville’s academic enrichment center will also find a new home in the facility. Areas for tutoring and testing, as well as staff offices, are planned for this vital department, which focuses on promoting student academic success and assisting students with disabilities.

Cost is estimated at $14 million, and the University has already gathered $8.4 million in commitments. Learn more!