Hollywood Calling

by Kara Gibbs- Cedarville, OH

    It’s a classic story—young people making the trek to Hollywood, with dreams of landing a job in the entertainment industry dancing around their heads. But Cedarville University graduate Suzanne Kooy Ransom ’06 ended up in the Los Angeles area to support her husband Ethan's ('05) screenwriting aspirations. Unfortunately, Suzanne, a communications major, wasn’t sure where she was headed career-wise. And, like most Hollywood hopefuls, she found herself unemployed for three months.

    With Los Angeles being the entertainment-centric industry it is, the couple began attending a group called Arts and Entertainment Ministries, which encourages believing artists. During one of those meetings, Suzanne met someone looking for a temporary production assistant to help with his freelance project at Disney Channel. A month into her job, another position became available on Suzanne's floor at Disney, and her boss asked her if she knew anyone looking for work because they, too, were seeking a production assistant. She mentioned her husband, and soon they were both employed at Disney.

    After she began to work on the behind-the-scenes project Road to High School Musical 2, Suzanne’s temporary position became a permanent one. “My main task,” she says, “involved screening interview tapes and sending them to the producers that were creating the promotional content.”

    Being a Christian at Disney, Suzanne stressed she practices the work ethic instilled in her at the University. "Cedarville taught us that it was more than just classes and working, but we are all answering to a higher calling. Our excellence is for Him." She strives to reflect that Jesus is the reason she does quality work.

    In a city where actions speak louder than words, Suzanne says, "I can work hard and love people the way Christ loves people—no strings attached. That is the best way to earn the right to have meaningful conversations with people.

    Suzanne also mentioned that the unique message of Disney is to encourage creativity, globalization and excellence in their employees. "This is what Christ has called us to do,” she says. “What a great parallel."

    The Ransoms reside in Sherman Oaks, California. They attend Mosaic, a church lead by Erwin McManus, which helps foster creativity in people.