Journalism Major Added To CU Curriculum

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

Cedarville, Ohio-While the simple pleasure of sitting down with your favorite newspaper and a cup of Joe may never truly diminish, society’s technological advancements in the world of modern media cannot be ignored. From the Internet to the iPod, the day’s wealth of information no longer suffers the constraints of what’s “fit to print.” With that in mind, Cedarville University dares to produce graduates who will tackle this seemingly unstoppable force by offering a journalism major-emphasizing what is known as “convergent journalism.”

The program, scheduled to begin in fall of 2008, will focus on three concentrations: print, broadcasting and public relations, while also helping the students converge the three. According to Chuck Elliott, chair of the communication arts department, constant movements within the industry due to developments in technology require journalists to display competence in multiple forms of delivery.

“This is a time of exciting changes and we don’t know where it will go,” says Elliott. “We want to train people with a vision for where the news industry will end up as a result of those changes, and produce writers who want to put their stamp on how it will be done.”

Cedarville hopes for an initial intake of 15 students in each concentration. Plans include a news lab for writing classes. This unique space will provide resources for constructing and analyzing news stories, such as monitors for broadcast news, wire service connections, and layout and design units. According to Elliott, it “offers a designated learning area for the core units of writing, and the resources needed to do that well.” The school will also offer a production studio where students can work on their projects.

Curriculum will adhere to recognized standards set by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. Learn more!.