Making His Parents Proud

by Marketing Services - Cedarville, OH

Alumni Criss Wilson Reep ’82 and Jeff Reep ’79 have much to boast about in their oldest son Ryan ’09. While mom was an exceptional student and dad was a star athlete, Ryan is blessed to have a little bit of both of his parents’ strengths. And employers are noticing this rising star’s potential.

Ryan is only a sophomore, but he has been offered two career-related experience positions and is being considered for another exciting long-term opportunity.

While pursuing summer internships during an on-campus engineering career fair, Ryan was interviewed and then was offered a position by both Caterpillar and Procter & Gamble (P&G). “After visiting P&G, seeing the setting, asking more questions, and meeting people, I accepted their offer,” he said.

Ryan also has another possible offer in the wings: a position as an instructor with the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Instruction School. He has made the initial cuts and is preparing for the next round of interviews to be held in Washington, D.C. “It will be very demanding! I meet with naval engineers for two or three interviews that will be technical in nature and then after lunch I will have an interview with the admiral of the Navy,” he explained. If he is accepted, he will be put on active duty in the Navy effective immediately, but for pay purposes only. He will be paid to be a student!

With the Navy there are no summer commitments while Ryan is in college, so if he joins the military, he can still intern with P&G. But after graduation in 2009, Ryan will be sent to Officer Candidate School for boot camp. From there he will go on to another school where he will learn his teaching material and practice giving lectures in front of his peers and superiors. “Then I will begin to teach in the Nuclear Instruction School,” Ryan explained. “It’s a four-year commitment, and after that, I am free to go. However, there are other opportunities that I may choose to explore, such as pilot school or civil engineering corps, but I can only teach for four years.”

If the military opportunity does not come through, Ryan could possibly stay on at P&G. “If I do well this summer, there is a very good chance that I will be asked to do a second internship. And if I continue to do well, then they would seek to hire me full-time out of school,” he noted. At the P&G interview, Ryan said they expressed a desire to see him forego the Navy and stay on with them.

While these opportunities are exciting and Ryan feels blessed that doors are already opening for him, the stellar athlete and student says his first priority is to glorify God. “In whatever I do, I want to impact people in the workplace for the gospel of Christ,” he said.

Ryan is also looking beyond the current opportunities. “As far as careers go, I will probably look to getting my master’s degree in business administration as I also dream of finding myself in a position where I can use the leadership abilities the Lord has given me … perhaps in a management role or maybe even owning my own business one day,” he noted.

With God’s grace, Ryan is dreaming big dreams, and Jeff says Ryan’s experience at Cedarville is helping him reach those dreams. Jeff stated, “Criss and I are very grateful for the opportunities Ryan is having at Cedarville University. He has an environment where he can grow spiritually and be challenged in an engineering program that is very well respected nationally. He is making lifelong friends as well as developing his leadership abilities while playing on a nationally ranked intercollegiate basketball team.”

With Ryan, a second generation of Reeps is seeing their dreams come true at CU.