Priceless Experience

by Hannah Taylor ’07 - Cedarville, OH

“Friends for life.” Not just the CU Alumni Association’s catchphrase, this slogan perfectly describes the lasting effects of the Cedarville experience on Daniel Green ’80.

“The Christian education I received at Cedarville has really shaped not just my career, but my whole life,” he said. “My wife, Julie (Hutchins) ’81, and I made friends then that have been ‘friends for life,’ and their kids have grown up with our kids.”

And now the second generation of the Green family is getting that same Cedarville experience. Oldest son Matthew ’05 is an accounting graduate, and Joel ’07 is graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in marketing.

For Dan, the decision to send his children to CU was an easy one. “I had such a great experience at Cedarville, being able to participate in sports, Christian ministries, and campus life, that we wanted our children to experience the same,” he stated. “It is a joy to say, ‘My kids and my money go to Cedarville University!’”

Another way that Dan invests in Cedarville took shape when he recently returned to the University as a featured speaker in the department of business administration’s Distinguished Speaker Series. He shared with seniors about what they as Christians can expect personally when they enter the business world. To a broader audience, he explained his line of business and how he came to be where he is today.

Dan currently serves as regional vice president of land acquisition for KB Home in Florida, one of the nation’s largest homebuilding companies. After graduating with a B.A. in accounting and biblical studies at Cedarville, Dan went on to earn his MBA from Syracuse University, and later spent 18 years in management roles with Richland Properties, an entrepreneurial real estate investment firm which develops master-planned communities in Florida, Texas, and California.

Dan’s success in the homebuilding industry has never overshadowed the impact that CU had on his life, however. “The teaching I received on the formation of a biblical world and lifeview from professors like “Uncle” Al Monroe, Jim Grier, and Murray Murdoch ’88 have been invaluable,” he shared. “I still have the class notes from social studies, philosophy, American history, and apologetics, which I have referred to over the years!”

“A good business education can be acquired many places, perhaps even better than Cedarville,” Dan continued. “But an integrated approach to the biblical world and life view thinking is priceless.”