Professor Lends Voice Talent to TV Special

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

Cedarville, Ohio-We have all heard the voice of a friendly, heart-warming narrator during holiday television specials. He tells us about the way things used to be. But, have you ever wondered about the man behind the curtain? This holiday season, people all over North America will hear the voice of a  Cedarville University professor telling the story of an earlier, gentler time.

James Leightenheimer, associate professor of communication at Cedarville University, was recently cast as a voice-over talent for the upcoming movie “Christmas Memories.” One of Leightenheimer’s former students, Michael Davis, who directed and produced the film, chose Leightenheimer for the part.

The movie will be released on DVD on Dec. 20. It will also air as a 30-minute television special on networks like FOX, ABC and CW.