Retiring CDR Radio Manager Honored

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

Cedarville, Ohio-Paul Gathany came to Cedarville College from Randolph, N.Y., in 1959, with an AM transmitter and an interest in radio broadcasting. Little did he know that his hobby would become a dream, a dream that would one day become the CDR Radio Network.

After 43 years as general manager at CDR, Gathany recently retired from the station to which he has dedicated his life. A special service was held Monday, March 26 in the Dixon Ministry Center of Cedarville University to honor him. Following a few words by Dr. Bill Brown, Cedarville University president, Cedarville’s mayor, Dr. Jim Phipps read a special message from the Senate of the General Assembly of Ohio, stating that Gathany was “saluted as one of Ohio’s finest citizens.”

Following a standing ovation Gathany exhorted the student body and visitors, “Time flies, it goes quickly, and it is a reminder for us that we need to use each day, in and of itself, for the advantage of our Lord.”

During his time as manager, Gathany helped CDR grow from an 11.6-watt station with one signal into a 30,000-watt, 14-station radio network heard in three states and around the world on the Internet. Gathany has worked hand-in-hand with Cedarville University to make CDR a light that shines Jesus’ love into the listening community, providing news, Christian teaching programs, and music.

When questioned about the highlights of managing CDR, Gathany responded, “What rises to the top is the joy that has come from the knowledge of listeners who have come to Christ and have experienced spiritual growth due to the broadcast tool God has placed in our stewardship.”

Although Gathany says he has loved his time with CDR and its staff, he also says he is looking forward to spending more time with his family and using his abilities to serve as opportunities arise.