Saving the Day

by Marketing Services - Cedarville, OH

With a multi-million dollar contract on the line, Dan and Cheryl Rogers were running out of time.

Their company, Duotech Services, had contracted with the Navy to design and manufacture an accelerometer device that would measure the G-forces placed upon older fighter jets in flight. Although senior-level engineers were working on the project, the right design for the accelerometer device continued to evade the firm. With no success in sight, Dan knew the contract with the Navy was in jeopardy.

Enter Silas Gibbs, a 2004 Cedarville University electrical engineering graduate.

In 2004, Dan visited campus, and his son, Dan Jr. ’05, introduced him to Silas. Impressed with Silas’ training and capabilities, Dan hired him. Shortly after graduation, Silas joined the engineering team at Duotech Services.

Not long into his time at Duotech, Silas became aware of the Navy contract and the pressure Dan and his team of engineers were feeling. Relying on the extensive training received through Cedarville’s electrical engineering program, Silas stepped forward and volunteered to take on the project in an effort to save the contract. His education and hard work paid off! He was able to accomplish what the senior-level engineers hired by the firm were not: he broke through the key technical issues.

Named lead engineer for the project, Silas wrote all of the software for the device and then designed the hardware. He went on to oversee the manufacturing process for the accelerometer. His knowledge, research, and commitment to the project saved the multi-million dollar contract!

Upon completion of the contract, the Navy sent Duotech Services a letter of commendation for Silas’ work. In the letter they thanked Silas for being “… the quintessential team player, technically knowledgeable, quick to provide required support, and thoughtful in the analysis of the technical issues confronting him.” Although only 18 months into his career, Silas made an impression on the Navy with his enthusiasm and insight. They ended their letter by saying they were “proud to have him as part of [their] team.”

When he hired Silas, Dan knew Cedarville University had a strong engineering program. Now he shares, “I am blown away by the knowledge of engineering students. They are independent workers, able to take an engineering project from start to finish.” Dan is so impressed that he comes to campus each year for Career Link events to recruit Cedarville engineering graduates.