Students Receive Prestigious Space Grant Scholarships

by Sarah Borich - Cedarville, OH

Ten Cedarville University students were chosen to participate in the Ohio Space Grant Consortium’s prestigious fellowship and scholarship program for 2006-07. OSGC is part of the NASA National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program and supports scholarships for students studying in math-, science-, and engineering-related disciplines. Cedarville students from a variety of majors, including computer science, biology, and mathematics, were represented in the program.

The main component of the scholarship program is each student’s undergraduate research, conducted under the mentorship of a faculty member. The University’s excellent science and math programs create an ideal environment for fostering this type of work. Eight faculty members mentored the scholarship recipients, who chose to pursue a wide variety of research topics, from 3-D modeling tools to Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation to electrochemistry. “The OSGC scholarship has helped me prepare for my career in the sciences,” says senior biology major Stacey Henness, who plans to attend medical school. “The research I did at Cedarville…allowed me to experience what is involved in biological research and the hard work it takes to document it. I felt that my classes at Cedarville prepared me for this scholarship presentation.”

Senior David Few, preparing to be a high school physics teacher, explored the laws of motions with his research project. “I was very pleased to receive this grant,” he remarks. “The experience gave me resources for finding materials to use in the classroom. Cedarville helped me in preparing to become a teacher, and the quality of the education I received benefited me in receiving the grant.” Few’s brother Christopher participated in the program as well. “The OSGC was a great experience,” he says. “I was adequately prepared for it through my challenging coursework at Cedarville, and I gained some valuable insights through the program.”