The Insider's View

by Dr. Bill Brown, President of Cedarville University

Dr. Bill Brown

At Cedarville University, we are equipping well-educated, thoughtful, godly gatekeepers for society. Our world needs passionate men and women who will engage the culture with the heart and mind of Jesus Christ.

Inaugurated last year, the Center for Political Studies is fulfilling this mission - and attracting a lot of attention in the process. The Center articulates and defends the biblical worldview as it applies to government, politics, and law. The Center also educates others about this view and engages the broader culture with the goal of vigorous dialogue and influence.

The Center's director, assistant professor of political science Dr. Mark Smith, enjoyed numerous opportunities to provide expert media commentary on the 2006 election. Sought after for his thoughtful, well-reasoned political perspectives, he represented Cedarville University and our Lord well through this strategic venue.

The Center for Political Studies takes a proactive stance in helping Christians change our world. In American society, the government is indeed chosen by "We the People." It is vital, then, that the public is educated to make intelligent decisions about policies, values, and society's direction. To that end, Cedarville is encouraging thoughtful young Christians to consider public service and strive for the forefront of political decision-making.

The Center is built on scholarly academics and research designed to discern biblical standards on government, law, politics, and other relevant issues. The Center will sponsor conferences, symposia, and lecture series to broaden the discussion and focus attention on biblical truth in our society.

The Center will also educate Cedarville University students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends by attracting regional and national decision-makers from government and the media to campus.

One of the benefits for students will be our new Washington Semester program. Each semester, 12 to 20 students will live in Washington, D.C., under the mentorship of Cedarville University faculty. They will have the opportunity to engage national leaders face to face as well as study, research, and be involved in politics and government in our nation's capital.

The Center for Political Studies plans to build on this initial framework to further engage the broader American culture. This will include a wide range of initiatives, including on-campus courses, faculty/student research opportunities, publishing, and media appearances.

Many of these initiatives have already begun. Please pray that our Lord will continue to provide the resources necessary for this program. Though the Center is an integral component of the University, its operations and activities are funded independent of student tuition revenues. If you would like to be involved, please let me know!

I welcome your comments and questions about the Center for Political Studies. Please contact me.

Center Initiatives

  • Washington Semester program for Cedarville University students
  • Legislative symposia with elected officials
  • Lecture series on issues of political and social importance
  • Research grants for students and faculty
  • Academic symposia for faculty
  • Campus events with outstanding leaders and thinkers

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