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Michael Koerbel '00 first started thinking about re:View in 2004 when Dr. Brown invited him to be the project’s producer/director.

Mike accepted the proposal, and the result is an award-winning, life-changing DVD series launched in 2006.

re:View is a worldview study that uses creative short films and teaching segments to help students analyze the culture around them and engage it in a biblical way. The series is designed to be a powerful tool in the hands of pastors and youth leaders.

As producer/director on the donor-funded project, Mike worked on everything from scripts and costumes to set design and shooting. Likening the experience to a feature film shoot, he estimates that re:View required 27 days of filming, 46 locations from coast to coast, 64 main character actors and actresses, and more than 100 extras.

Mike wanted to make re:View as user-friendly as possible, so he built in advantages like flexible length (re:View can be used as a 7- or 13-week teaching tool ¬— ¬or any length in between) and teaching resources (leader’s guides, student handouts, and PowerPoint slides).

To make the pastor or youth leader look like a genius, has downloads that help the leader stay current on the latest cultural trends, music and movie reviews, leader’s guide updates, and much more!

re:View has won some of the secular industry’s most prestigious honors — silver and bronze Tellys, an Aegis, Aurora Gold Awards, a silver Davey, gold and silver Omni Awards, and an Accolade — and has opened doors for interaction with unsaved film industry professionals. “God will use re:View in so many ways — ways we don’t know are possible,” Mike stated. “He’s going to do amazing things.”