A Night at the Opera

by Public Relations Office—Cedarville, Ohio

Cedarville, Ohio—"No good opera plot can be sensible, for people do not sing when they are feeling sensible," wrote Wystan H. Auden, one of the great poets of the 20th century. While some people may share his sentiments, several students at Cedarville University have decided to give opera a try.

On Dec. 4 and 5, the CU Opera Ensemble will perform an Opera Scenes Program for the fourth consecutive year under the direction of Dr. Taylor Ferranti, assistant professor of music. Student performers include Stephanie Haines, Lisbeth Cummings, Catherine Stampfli, Katie Lutz, Stacey Keller, Alise Merrin, Emily Sammons, Joshua Griffith, Greg Gallagher and Ian Casper.

"What's great about opera is an interesting question. You can ask 10 people and get 10 different answers," shares Ian Casper, senior vocal performance major. "To perform opera well, you have to analyze your character in addition to the music. People who perform in operas are forced to sing and act at the same time, all the time."

The singers will perform four opera scenes: two scenes from Mozart's "The Magic Flute," one scene from Mozart's "Don Giovanni" and one scene from Kurt Weill's "Street Scene." Two of the scenes are lighthearted while the other two will be of a serious nature. "All the scenes will be sung in English," assures Dr. Ferranti. "Even if you have never been to an opera, you will be able to understand the language." Dr. Ferranti will give a brief plot summary before each scene so the audience will understand the context.

The evening promises to be an enjoyable experience for the whole family.