Burris Logistics President Speaks at CU Series

by Public Relations Office—Cedarville, Ohio

Cedarville, OhioThe next time you unwrap a frozen pizza to eat on a Friday night, remember that you are one of millions of Americans who are probably opening a similar product.

    With 17 frozen food distribution centers throughout the eastern United States, Burris Logistics - headquarted in Milford, Delaware - plays a central role in meeting the frozen food demands of the American public. The company operates under the leadership of President Robert D. Burris, who spoke at Cedarville University on Monday, Feb. 18, as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series sponsored by the University’s Department of Business Administration.

    The Distinguished Speaker Series is a program designed to bring senior executives to campus to meet with students and faculty. The speakers discuss business strategy and are available for question and answer discussions with students. According to Dr. Bert Wheeler, professor of economics and department chairman, “The meetings with students are designed to challenge students with the executive’s perception of keys to success in the 21st century.”

    A 1966 graduate of the University of Delaware, Burris has worked on a full-time basis for the family-owned refrigeration company for 41 years and has served as president since 1980.

    For more information call the Cedarville University Department of Business Administration at 937-766-7910.