CBTS Building Update

by Rod Johnson—Cedarville, Ohio

Despite the rain, snow, and freezing temperatures, the Center for Biblical and Theological Studies remains on track for completion in August 2008.

    The most noticeable accomplishment would have to be finishing the brick work on the exterior. With that finally done, attention is being focused on installing the panels between the windows and, as weather allows, working on the exterior glass. The building promises to have a great deal of natural light—including several skylights.

    Since the roof is basically complete, other than a few finishing touches, the roof-mounted HVAC equipment is scheduled to be installed within the next couple of weeks. The screen wall will be added after that.

    Moving into the building, the interior framing is now 95% complete and the drywall is over 35% done. The fire protection system needs only to have the “heads” attached once the ceiling is ready. In addition, the HVAC ductwork, plumbing, and electrical wiring are all in various stages of completion. The interior stairs have been built and are awaiting railings. The elevator shaft has been installed—and is set for the car to arrive.

    Should everything stay on course, the goal is to be done with primary construction by the end of June, allowing workers the month of July to finish “punch-list” items and move in furniture. Sidewalks and landscaping will start in May, following commencement.

    Faculty and staff will begin setting up their offices around August 1.

    Finally, the parking lot should be finished within the first few weeks of August, making the center ready for students by fall 2008, as planned.