CU Composer's Ballet Returns to Dayton

by Public Relations Office—Cedarville, Ohio

Cedarville, Ohio—As a composer, it would be easy to focus your work in a specific genre: concerto, ballet, chamber music, vocal, instrumental. However, Dr. Steven Winteregg, professor of composition at Cedarville University, crafts all these styles and more. His music will soon resound in Dayton on the Victoria Theatre stage in “There Was a Time.”

This poignant ballet traces the story of the Smith family through the 1960s and 1970s as they struggle through this difficult time in our nation’s history. The vision of nationally-recognized director Dermot Burke, this dance is a beautiful reminder of the strain of the Vietnam War on the American family.

“The Dayton Ballet wanted me to incorporate the music of the time period, which was an ever changing style of rock music,” says Winteregg. “Since I am a classical music composer, it was a challenge. But since it was the music of my youth, it was also a lot of fun to try to do.”

Winteregg currently serves as dean of the School of Humanities at Cedarville University. “It has been a privilege to study with Dr. Winteregg for the past few years,” says Timothy Harenda, a junior music composition major. “It’s great to work with someone who has had great success as a composer and who can give me practical advice about becoming a better writer and musician.”

The Dayton Ballet Company will perform “There Was a Time” Feb. 7-10 at the Victoria Theatre in Dayton, Ohio. For more information on the performance, visit