Enrollment Trends Position Cedarville for Global Impact

by Public Relations Office—Cedarville, Ohio

Cedarville, Ohio—As the new school year begins, Cedarville University expects new students to benefit from strong enrollment and increased diversity.

Rather than a decline in new-student enrollment, as economic pressures would forecast, Cedarville has seen numbers remain firm. After receiving a record-high number of admissions applications, this stability was no surprise.

By mid-August, the campus was teaming with the 779 freshmen who had arrived for fall semester. This number comes close to surpassing the all-time high of 787 recorded in 2003.

Despite record-high gas prices, students are traveling significant distances to attend a college in southwest Ohio. Two-thirds of Cedarville’s freshman students represent more than 40 states, coming from outside of Ohio from such places as Alaska, California, Hawaii, Florida, and Maine.

In addition to the increased diversity from within the United States, Cedarville has also seen international enrollment climb as foreign students journey from Belgium, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Mexico, Paraguay, the Philippines, and South Korea. American students who have lived abroad with their business or missionary families further add to the assortment of countries.

This rise in national and international representation corresponds with Cedarville’s desire to develop the demographic range of the student body.

According to Dr. Vicky Fang, assistant professor of computer engineering, “Diversity and cross-cultural awareness are essential elements in preparing college students to engage the globalized world.”

With the growing numbers, Cedarville has high hopes for the incoming freshman class. According to Amy Holderby, associate director of admissions, “Our international students are uniquely poised not only to add to the diversity of the student body, but also to take the training they receive here and go to the ‘uttermost parts of the world’ to make a global impact for the Kingdom.”