Finance Majors Compete with "Best Investors in the World"

by Public Relations Office—Cedarville, Ohio

Cedarville, Ohio—What would you do if you were given $75,000? If you ask Cedarville University’s finance majors they already have a plan.

On February 14, Cedarville University provided $75,000 for the department of business administration in honor of the new Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF). The money provides finance students with a chance to compete with real-world investors.

“SMIF is a step toward our vision to train students with hands-on education,” says Dr. Bert Wheeler, interim chair of the department of business administration. “The investment fund, in addition to the department of business’ trading room, gives business students a chance to act and react in an uncontrolled, true-to-life environment.”

Students will invest and manage the $75,000 using knowledge from their finance courses. Cedarville’s fall investment course prepares newer students to invest the money; while a spring advanced financial management course allows those same students to invest the funds.

Robert Gole, a senior finance major, already realizes the benefits of the program. “When it comes to education, especially business education, experience trumps instruction any day of the week.”

Finance majors at Cedarville will now compete with some of the “best investors in the world,” says Wheeler. Through implementing the skills they learned in their finance courses, students will be expected to properly manage and maintain the fund.

Elizabeth Taylor, a senior accounting and finance major, was encouraged by what she saw as a step forward in the department of business. “This will add strength to the finance program by giving students experience in fund management at the undergraduate level and exposure to professionals in the investing community. I know that those of us who are involved feel very privileged to be a part of it.”

SMIF also allows student to compete in the annual Redefining Investment Strategy Education conference held in Dayton, Ohio-the largest student investment conference in North America. In the past, Cedarville students have attended but have only been able to observe.

Dr. William Ragle, associate professor of finance, worked closely with the administration in the early stages of SMIF. “This generous donation from the university will allow finance students to manage real money,” he says. “It creates a great learning environment where students are given the responsibility to make investments that will post real gains or losses, as opposed to managing an imaginary portfolio online.”

Equally excited about SMIF is the University’s administration. “This fund will give our students the chance to gain added real-world investing experience, complementing an already exceptional business education,” states Dr. Robert Milliman, vice president of academics. “We are grateful to those who have made this opportunity available.”