University President Contributes to New Study Bible

by Public Relations Office—Cedarville, Ohio

Cedarville, Ohio—Excerpts from Cedarville University President Dr. William Brown’s book “Where Have All the Dreamers Gone?” are reaching thousands of new readers.

Fifty-three selections from Brown’s book will appear in the new Impact Student Leadership Bible, a project that incorporates hundreds of articles, notes and study aids aimed at developing a balanced Christian worldview.

“Christianity is not a ‘new cool spiritual fad floating out there,’” says Dr. Jay Strack, president of Student Leadership University in Orlando, Fla., and executive editor of the Impact Bible. “This is an ancient faith that has been handed down generation after generation. We believe that leadership begins at the feet of Jesus, and the Bible is the greatest leadership book ever written.”

The Impact Student Leadership Bible is intentionally designed to empower young men and women to make a difference in their world by filling their minds and hearts with God’s Word. Of the 40 contributors, Brown supplied the most material to the study notes.

“Our world is increasingly becoming a smorgasbord of ideas, philosophies and world religions,” says Brown. “Many young Christians are not equipped to respond to these challenges because they are deficient in understanding their own worldview.”

Brown’s contribution to the Impact Bible comes as no surprise, as he has become increasingly involved in high-profile student leadership training, especially since the release of his worldview study, “re:View”.

“In our search for contributors, we looked for various Christian experts who can break down the complex into bite-size pieces so that it is understandable and applicable,” shares Strack. “Dr. Brown is simply one of the most influential communicators of Christian worldview today.”