Alumni Share About Nashville Flooding

by Marketing

When record-level rain came to the South on May 1–2, the city of Nashville saw widespread flooding as the levee on the Cumberland River broke. The surge of water swept away streets, destroyed buildings, flooded neighborhoods, and displaced thousands of people.

Many Cedarville alumni who live in Nashville and the surrounding areas are now facing widespread damage. And those who haven’t been directly affected are reaching out to those who have.

Here are what a few of them shared about the conditions in Nashville:

“It is unbelievable to see what two straight days of rain do to a city. Some areas here look like a war zone.” — Donna (Payne) VanLiere ’89

“Just keep praying for Nashville and the community. And pray that people continue to help out and not forget, even when it gets months down the road.” — Elizabeth Lemmel ’05

“I was totally fine during the flooding, fortunately. A mudslide that stopped a few feet from my back door is the worst that happened. It has been so amazing, though, to see people come together and take care of each other. Really the body of Christ in action!” — Cara Slaybaugh ’07

“We’re getting back on track around here. Our spirits are high and everyone has a can-help/can-do attitude, which is amazing. While its hard to lose so many personal items, they are just things. Overall, it’s the cost of replacement that’s the real disaster, as we won’t be receiving reimbursement. Pray for contentment and provision over time to replace what I need.” — Steven Fray ’04

“The road to our house and a large part of our neighborhood were completely flooded, but thankfully our house was spared. We have a lot of friends who have lost everything. Please be praying for the finances and resources needed to rebuild, for safe water to drink, and for the emotional/personal struggles. Continue to pray for all those affected by the flooding, as well as those serving alongside the victims.” — Meredith (Maupin) Axt ’07

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help Cedarville alumni in Nashville, contact the alumni relations office at or 1-800-837-2566.