Chasing the Checkered Flag

by Public Relations

For many, a new year means a new start—a time for a fresh beginning. At the start of 2010, the same is true for the Cedarville University Jackets Racing Team.

Consisting of 14 senior mechanical engineering students, the team spent much of 2009 designing a new racecar. After thousands of hours of conceptualizing, blueprinting and assembling, the Jackets Racing Team can now focus on manufacturing the racecar, a task they believe will be “just as challenging and rewarding” as the design phase.

In this phase, the sub teams have already made great progress. The chassis team recently received their specially –designed frame for the body of the racecar; the suspension team is developing A-arms—fixtures attached to the chassis and the wheels that affect the response and stability of the car; and the engine team is using a dynamometer to tune the engine–as they test for maximum torque, power and consistency at certain speeds.

To make the racecar lighter, the team is using wheels constructed of carbon fiber rather than aluminum. In addition to decreasing the weight of the car, the carbon fiber material significantly reduces the amount of “sluggishness” an aluminum wheel has, allowing the car to accelerate faster.

Although developing the racecar takes great time and effort, the Jackets Racing team looks forward to new challenges and continued progress. As team member Christopher Williams said, “Being a part of this year’s team has given me the opportunity to see how projects take time and teamwork; the stages involved in creating the racecar are a great example of an iterative process that requires both.”

The team has received monetary and material donations from the following sponsors: Delphi, Dorothy Meeker, DRP Performance, Haltech, Ingersoll Rand, MAS Epoxies, Mason and Barry, Inc., MOR/ryde, Muriel Dockstader, Neal Fearnot, Nu-Way Industries, and TriMont REA. If you are interested in sponsoring the Cedarville University Jackets Racing team, please contact Jay Kinsinger, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, at 937-766-3259.