"Early Church Music" on Display

by Public Relations

The Church has contributed significantly to the development of music in the western world as well as created rules of musical notation that have been useful in documenting music as an art form. Church tradition influenced music culture significantly during the Reformation and into the Baroque and Classical periods. Throughout history, groups of Christians have also adapted secular styles of music to incorporate Scripture and biblical principles into singing for both individual and corporate worship.

Cedarville University’s Centennial Library and Biblical Heritage Gallery will celebrate this musical tradition by presenting the display “Sing to the Lord a New Song: Early Church Music” now through May 14. This new exhibit demonstrates the integration of musical traditions and corporate worship in Church history. Gallery pieces represent music from early Gregorian chant, choral music of the Renaissance, the simple singing of Psalms and 19th-century gospel hymns. Along with the main exhibit, the gallery also includes displays on sacred music shape-note singing and American gospel hymnody.

The Biblical Heritage Gallery is located on the first floor of the Center for Biblical and Theological Studies. Cedarville University invites the community to view this visual interpretation of Church history and musical development.

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