Encounter: Students Experiencing God

by Marketing

It started with just a handful of freshmen. Some students felt that the student body needed more time for worship than daily chapel services allowed, so they decided to plan an extended time for worship and prayer. Zac James, the team leader of the group, saw this service as an opportunity not only for students to worship but also for musicians to learn to lead and bless others with their gifts. James notes, “It’s a way of loving and raising up the students on campus - and therefore loving and serving the Kingdom.”

Of course the event needed a name, and Encounter, which means “to meet, especially unexpectedly,” seemed to describe these students’ goal for the service.

This year, Encounter has expanded to become part of a class for Cedarville’s worship majors. But even with an advisor, Encounter will still be entirely student-led, from planning the event to playing in the band.

Worshipers are invited this semester to come and meet with God at Encounters, scheduled for February 16, March 30 and April 20.