Spring in Sevilla for a Cedarville Student

by Public Relations

Cedarville University junior Abigail Eustace made the most of her spring semester by getting some intense hands-on experience in Sevilla, Spain. An international business major, Eustace first heard about the opportunity to study abroad her freshman year and decided to keep her eyes and ears open to the unique chance.

Eustace was able to make that aspiration come to fruition this past semester when she arranged to spend her time studying at the University of Sevilla. In addition to her classes entitled Cultural Anthropology of Latin America and Arabic Influence in Spanish Literature, and a course showing the overview of the European Union, Eustace landed a helpful internship. Dealing with international marketing, the internship allowed her to create advertisements for various programs and courses that were aimed at supporting the integration of immigrants into society.

Through her work, Eustace also had an opinion article titled "Child Labor—the Tip of the Iceberg for Apple?" published in a local newspaper, El Colectivo. Eustace explained that she wrote the article "to spread awareness about social issues — local, regional and international."

In regard to the differences between American and Spanish cultures, Eustace expressed that she loved learning new traditions: "I love how they greet each other with a kiss on both cheeks; how they stay up late at night and take a nap during the day; how friendly they are; how even important people wear jeans to work; how ‘on time’ can be 15 or 20 minutes later than the designated time; how time just really isn’t an issue; and how people don’t worry about very much."

The experience obviously had a great impact on Eustace: "I would absolutely love to return! I could teach English there for a short term, or find another internship, or go to grad school."

Eustace aspires to use the connection of her Spanish and business skills to educate and empower women impacted by prostitution or sex slavery: "My heart breaks for people oppressed in this way throughout the world and in our own backyards."

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