The Power of Piano Lessons

by Marketing — Cedarville, Ohio

Like many piano-playing children, Lauren Shackelford '05 participated in weekly lessons, hours of practicing, and annual recitals. And now, she's a piano teacher herself — and trains her college students for the same role.

With her degree in piano pedagogy from Cedarville, Lauren credits the program and its professors with profoundly influencing her dream of one day starting a similar program at another school — but she never thought it would happen so quickly. After earning a Master of Music degree from the University of Oklahoma, she was asked to help start a piano pedagogy program at The Master's College (TMC) in California. She joined TMC in 2007 and immediately began developing coursework for the new program.

"The most satisfying part of this project has been seeing our students blossom as teachers," Lauren explained. "I love not only teaching these students but also learning alongside them about what it means to love the Lord and be His instrument."

Lauren admits she sometimes feels inadequate for the responsibility. "But I've also seen that God provided exactly this job at exactly this time in my life," she said. "God continues to refine me both as a teacher and as His child through my role at TMC."

In addition to teaching at TMC, Lauren operates a music studio where she teaches piano lessons to 25 students who range in age from 6 to 52. She is also active in the music ministry of her church.

You may contact her at via e-mail.