Art that Tells the Story

by Chris Brewer '01

It was just over five years ago that Rachel and I moved back from northern Philadelphia into my parents’ basement. I had just completed an internship at a church and was planning to head back to school. Rachel was eight months pregnant, and I wasn’t working just yet, so I had a bit more free time than usual.

I decided to use some of that spare time to help out in our church’s library. They were looking for someone to breathe a bit of life into the ministry, and I had some ideas.

For starters, I sifted through the existing collection. As is the case with many church libraries, I found much of it to be more or less cast offs from people’s basements. We boxed up the rejects and sold them to a local bookstore and used the credits to buy reference works like Bible dictionaries and commentaries as well as collections of poetry, church history, good fiction, and worldview-ish texts from multiple disciplines.

Now that we had a good collection of books, we needed to get people into the library — now worldview resource center — and I decided that art would be a great way to do just that, but more importantly, this art would tell the story through image and text. Read more of Chris’ story.